About MVP Rockets

Startups are exciting, the possibilities are limitless, and so much fun - when it works. But, starting up is hard,lonely and scary - especially for the founders who have to do it all themselves.

We started MVPRockets to help such daring entrepreneurs & make this process of launching the startup slightly less daunting. We are a bunch of startup nerds, who have built over 15 MVPs in the last 3 years - and in the process have perfected the art of building an MVP. No frills - the actual "Minimum. Viable. Product." & we are launching this as an offering to our fellow entrepreneurs. Our promise is simple -

"If you are a domain expert and you have a great idea, talk to us. We will help you build a tech MVP in 12 weeks"

We take almost 60% lesser time from an idea to the product than if you were to find a CTO, hire a tech team or find moody freelancers to build it. A month in "startup time" is a year in normal time :) Imagine what you can achieve with this extra time.

Sounds interesting? hit us up at launch@mvprockets.com

Why MVP Rockets?

Fully functional MVP in 12 Weeks

Tell us the idea and we work with you to put a fully functional MVP in 12 weeks

Proven Frameworks from silicon Valley's successes

We swear by the Lean startup model's iterative development. Its fast, cheap & it works

Build only whats absolultely necessary

Home brewed #NoCode frameworks for all the rest

Great GoTo market strategies for Hyper-Growth

We share our experience and expertise in Organic, Social & Paid strategies for hyper-growth

Product Roadmap Validated by Real Customers

Quantitative Inputs (through Analytics) & Qualitative inputs (through Surveys) from your real users to drive the roadmap

Support until you get a CTO & Take the product in-house

Support for launch and beyond - until you are ready to take the development inhouse

Behind the Magic

Step 1 Business Idea review Workshop
  • We do a quick review of your customer, their pain points & your product idea
Step 2 MVP Scoping
  • Identify the absolute must haves for Product V1.0 & the scope of your MVP
Step 3 Experience/UI Design
  • Create happy flows for your customer & bring your brand to life through stunning visual design
Step 4 Design Prototype
  • Build clickable prototype to get feedback from friends & domain experts
Step 5 MVP Buildout
  • Finally build a functional minimum viable product that can be launched in market & find traction
Step 6 Roadmap Support
  • Support for the launch & roadmap. Until you are ready to take the product inhouse

Our Team

The perfect mix of capability, experience and passion for startups

MVPs launched by the leadership team
Combined years of experience in Startups
Combined years of experience in Product Building

Giridharan N

Co-founder & CEO

Developer + MBA (IIM B) 10+ Years of PM experience Founder 1 startups
Ex - Yahoo, Microsoft,
Vodafone, VP - Simplilearn ($500M Company) + VP - Babajob(Acquired by Quikr)

Praveen M V

Developer; Serial Entrepreneur 15+ Years of tech experience Founded 3 startups + 1 exit
Ex - Thoughtworks, SourceBits, Babajob
Founded companies in Food Tech, Job Tech & Media

Vinayak Rao
Head Design

Restauranteur, Designer 15+ Years of Design Experience Founder 2 startups; 1 exit
Ex - Freecharge design
director ($400M Exit)


Satish Bhat


Technology, Serial Entrepreneur 26+ years of technology
Irrationally perennially in startup model
Former Architecture consultant with large companies
Built startups/products in healthcare, Communication, Optimization, Recommendation Systems & more..

Ashitha Shetty

Developer, Product Manager 15+ Years of product and tech experience
Experienced as Agile/Lean practitioner and coach, Design Thinker, Product manager(GTM, Tech PM)

Rockstar Team Members

Some Of Our Partners

  • Livspace logo

    Livspace is India’s largest Home interiors improvement platform, valued at over a billion USD. MVPRockets is working with Livspace for their strategic initiatives, helping them launch new products, find traction and get to the elusive product market fit. We work closely with their super awesome Product, Design and Tech team on a daily basis & launched their MVP in less than 3 months. We are currently partnering with them to continually improve the platform through iterative development & hit Product Market Fit in new markets.

  • Jiraaf logo

    Jiraaf is one of the most exciting fintech startups in alternate investments space. Fixed deposits and mutual funds are boring - ability to invest in hgh quality corporate debts are the in thing now :) Jiraaf is funded by top angels including Sidharth Shah of Pharmeasy, Ramakant & Anuj of Livspace and many more. We started working with Jiraaf in Jul 2020, launched the MVP in Oct 2020. If you are looking for high quality alternate investments, Jiraaf is the place to go!

  • Hafla logo

    Hafla is a Hub71(A Mubadala backed fund) backed events planning startup - trying to introduce tech & intelligence into the age old industry of event planning - helping make organising an event or Party in the middle east a breeze. We started working with Hafla in Jun 2021. Launched the MVP in Sep 2021 & are helping them with their roadmap. If you are in the middle east & are ever planning to plan a party, Hafla is the place to go :)

  • Bimaplan logo

    Bimaplan is a YC backed startup trying to solve for insurance for the next billion internet users in India. Vikul & we started discussing the idea in Dec 2020. We started working in Jan 2021, launched the MVP in Feb 2021 - in time for the Demo day. Bimaplan went on to raise follow-on funding rounds, built a super strong tech team and took the product in house. While the in house team is building the original product, we are currently working on the next MVP. We wont stop until every one in the next billion have their economic risks managed.

  • Nirogstreet logo

    Ayurveda & Alternative medicines are starting to occupy their rightful place in the healthcare industry. But the support for practitioners is nonexistent & supply chain for drug distribution highly still fragmented & is in shambles. Nirogstreet is an innovative approach to solving the these two problems in one very unique solution. We partnered with Nirogstreet in Nov 2021 & launched their platform revamp in Feb/Mar 2022 & are continuing to help them become a tech force to reckon with.

Frequently asked questions

What a tech startup needs is a high quality product team, that consists of a product manager, designers, developers, QA and Analytics team - not just a group of developers.

- The MVPRockets leaders have started, run and exited tech product companies before
- They have occupied senior positions in v successful tech startups & learnt from their experiences

They have essentially walked the path the tech entrepreneurs are expected to walk the first few years & they have walked it multiple times. MVPRockets do not only take care of your tech, but also advise you on best practices on Product, Design, UX, GTM, Blitzscaling etc.. & help set your company up for success from all these fronts. So, when you work with MVPRockets, you not only get a product developed, but you also benefit from the experience of the entire team in building & running tech startups.

This is the difference between a traditional product dev shop and MVPRockets - we understand how a successful product team is built & have experience building this multiple times in the past. This makes us different :)

We have built a ton of modules thats required for product building - like Sign Up/Login, Forgot password, Email Integration, Payment Gateway integration etc.. Which we either re-use & that helps us reduce time to market significantly

We use Javascript frameworks for backend, Flutter for App development, Mongo for DB and AWS for hosting. We build products in clean, micro services architecture

No. Absolutely not. The tech choices we make are good to get you to millions of users in scale & beyond. We do not make sub-par tech choices for the sake of speed.

No, Sorry. Its your company and we think you should completely own it. We are happy with money :)

While we will be involved in marketing & also build features that would help in organic growth, at this point, we do not do complete marketing for you. We have recommendations though

One of our core strengths is that we understand how startups work - this is our 4th startup as founders. We would encourage you to use our expertise in identifing the scope of MVPs. Post that if you wish, we are open to collaborating with another design agency.

We are open to exploring different models with our customers, but would love to work the entire way with our clients.

Contact MVP Rockets

Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.