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For an early stage startup, hiring a devops team is difficult & it does not warrant a dedicated devops team. Your product developers are usually busy with the product development or, at times, do not have the know-hows of setting up a clean tech infrastructure.

This results in

  • Your tech infra being brittle, manual and time consuming for your prod server and your CI/CD Pipelines
  • The deployment cycles are longer and you often have one or two engineers doing the prod pushes - creating bottlenecks in the deployment process
  • Your logging infrastructure is brittle, resulting in poor incident/error management
  • The set up & deployment process is manual, time consuming and error prone
  • Potential loss of data in case of system failures

We @ MVPRockets.com have built over 20 MVPs in the past 2 years for some of the top startups and have set up very strong tech infrastructure for all of them. In the process, we have created a clean playbook for startups to create and manage their tech infra.

It includes the following

  • Production server on AWS
  • Alerts on server utilization/outages, product health checks etc..
  • Resiliency through Load balancing , multi zone/region setup
  • Security - rate limiting, API security etc.
  • Setup access policy to all your infrastructure
  • Scripts for automation of deployments
  • Handling the DB instance backups, replication and recovery..
  • Any other services required - like SQS, SES, S3 etc..
  • QA, UAT & Preprod server + CI pipelines
  • Infrastructure as code using terraform
  • Sonarqube code analysis
  • Test automation setup for parallel execution

Find this exciting? Reach out to us at devops@mvprockets.com

Behind the Magic

Step 1 Existing Infrastructure Review:
  • We do a quick review of your existing software development platforms and hardware infrastructure
Step 2 Scope Identification
  • Identify the required scope of work for setting up the tech infrastructure
Step 3 Integrate Infrastructure with CI/CD Tools
  • Set up the required environments (QA,UAT,Production) using Infrastructure as Code(IaC) and automate deployments through CI/CD pipelines.
Step 4 Setup Infrastructure for Scale and Performance Monitoring
  • Setup the infrastructure for scale by making it secure and reliable. Setup application monitoring using alerts.
Step 5 Continuous Support
  • Dedicated/Shared DevOps engineer to support your infrastructure for ensuring stable and consistent running of software.

Why MVPRockets?

Quick-setup and scalable tech infrastructure

For us, setting up infrastructure is all about replacing manual steps with code (Infrastructure as Code). We automate the setting up of your tech infrastructure and ensure that it can scale seamlessly.

Faster software releases with fewer defects

We make sure that your overall software quality improves through frequent releases. We do this by sharing our experience of setting up CI/CD Pipelines on QA/UAT/Prod environments.

Secure tech infrastructure

We do not compromise on security. We keep your infrastructure secure from all kinds of external software attacks. We ensure that your infrastructure allows access to only them who should have access and locks down all others.

Continual monitoring of your infrastructure

Whether it be infrastructure monitoring or application monitoring, we have done it all. We ensure that you get timely alerts for all important issues so that appropriate action can be taken at the earliest.

Continual support of your infrastructure

We not only set up the infrastructure but also ensure that we are available to you to continue to support your tech infrastructure by providing dedicated or shared DevOps engineers.

Frequently asked questions

As a tech leader in a successful startup, most of your time is spent towards development of software & you would be better off with some experts taking care of setting up your devops infra. We could be that expert :) - we take care of your infrastructure & you would be free from all the associated headaches of devops and concentrate solely on software development

When you do not have an efficient and automated tech infra, you often see a slow down in the prod push cycles, inefficient manual deployment process, lack of security, bad incident management practices.

When the tech infra is set up, you would be able to see a marked increase in the pace at which new features are pushed to prod, better incident management capabilities, better failover & resilience set up. Overall, you as a tech leader would have a much better peace of mind, while the overall tech health of the company is markedly better. :)

We typically work with early stage startups who have either just launched their product or are in the process of launching it, but do not have the time or capability to manage their tech infrastructure in house. Nor do they have enough work to warrant a complete devops team.

We typically automate all the scripts and give it & prefer not to take the 24*7 - but in case it's critical to your startup, we can discuss that.

Yes, We only support AWS at the moment.

Yes, we do train your team so they are fairly self reliant.

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